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Do you provide shoveling service?

We do provide shoveling service for an additional charge. This service coveres the sidewalk from the driveway to your front door, as well as the snow left in front of your garage door.

Will you spread salt on my driveway?

We do not offer salting at this time.

Can I leave my car parked in my driveway?

Absolutely, our drivers are trained at maneuvering around your vehicle, while still leaving you clear access to the street. We do leave a two foot (2') clearance around any vehicles and posts in or around your driveway, which may limit the amount of clearance our drivers can offer.

My driveway is gravel, can it still be blown?

We do not offer gravel driveway clearing at this time.

What area do you service?

We are currently servicing North Cottage Grove, South Maplewood, and Woodbury. Call to ask for further clarification, or to see if your residence is within the limits of our service area.

When are the driveway markers installed and removed?

Our markers start going up in November. They will be taken out by early April. If you would like to remove them on your own sooner than that, please place them by your garage and we will pick them up when we come around.

Will your tractors damage my sealed/interlock driveway?

Believe it or not our tractors actually put less pressure on your driveway than your car! Our blowers are also equipped with plastic cutting edges to drastically reduce the risk of damage to your driveway.

What is your repair policy?

Our drivers are required to report any damage caused to your property on their tablets at the time of the incident. This informaton is then logged for repair in the spring unless it is of a more urgent nature. Exclusions to this rule include any and all items left in the immediate work area of our equipment (ie on the driveway). Exmples would be flower pots/planters, downspouts, dog leashes, recycling bins, garbage cans, basketball nets, children's toys, and extension cords. Although our office or driver will usually report damage directly to you at the time of the incident, we always encourage you to verify with the office the day after the snow storm as well if you have any concerns.

What about protruding water shutoff pipes / curb stops in my driveway?

It is the responsibility of the home owner to make sure that if any water valve caps are protruding the driveway to contact the city. You will need to request that they send a service technician by to lower the pipe and cap to the level of the asphalt. If the cap is not flush with the level of the driveway it could be blown onto the lawn! Please make sure that the city takes care of this in advance of the first snow. Otherwise, once snow arrives and covers the surface, this issue is not apparent to us and the city may charge you for the repairs in the spring.

Are tractors loud?

Surprisingly our equipment makes a fraction of the noise of a traditional walk-behind snow blower. We're also in and out of your driveway in under 2 minutes, minimizing the amount of disturbance caused to both you and your neighbors. You probably won't even realize that we were there!

Do you have customer service during storms?

Yes, we have dedicated support staff from 8-4 (Mon-Fri). We suggest using our Online Ticketing panel rather than calling in to our office. It is very easy to use and all tickets entered go directly to your dispatcher's screen.

Will my driveway be cleared by 7am?

Although we would love to be able to guarantee a 7am arrival time, it would be deceptive advertising. We have no control over when the snow will start or end! Obviously the later the snow starts the later we start. In order to predict our arrival time, assume the following. We will wait at least 2 hours for enough snow to fall (at least 1.5") before we will send our tractors out. You can then add another 12 hours onto that time and this will be the latest you can realistically expect to see us for your cleaning.

What does your service offer?

Superior's snow removal service offers our clients a straight forward, bulk snow blowing program. We dispatch our tractors after an inch and a half (1.5") has accumulated. Our tractors will blow the majority of the snow off of your driveway, leaving it in a driveable condition. Some clients will choose to shovel the areas our tractors cannot reach, and some of our clients will salt their driveways in addition to our snow removal in order to achieve a completely manicured driveway, however we only remove the bulk of the fresh snow. Some snow may remain on the ground.