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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Last updated: October 10, 2021

Service Description
Superior uses tractors with a blade and blower attachment to remove snow from our customer’s driveways.
Our snow removal team operates as soon as the sticking snowfall accumulation is an inch and a half (1.5”)
We operate from November 1st through April 30th.
We operate 24/7.

Signups & Pricing
Signups are available from May 1st through November 30th each year.
These terms and services exist as a standing contract, and by agreeing to these terms you are authorizing our contract services for the season.
Payment must be received in full before your address will be added to our route scheduling.
The price for our snow blowing service increases as we get closer to the snow season; May 1st - September 30th: $445, October 1st - October 25th: $495, November 1st onwards: $495. If a home has multiple driveways then each driveway must be paid for separately.

Serviceable Driveways
Superior Landscape & Irrigation offers our Snow Removal services to customers in Cottage Grove, Woodbury, North Hastings, and South Maplegrove.
We are currently only servicing concrete or asphalt driveways.
We will not service driveways that enter from an alleyway, or that are located on a busy street. We will also not service a driveway of less than 10’ wide.
Driveways that have a steep slope will experience a lesser degree of success with our tractor system. Salting and shoveling is suggested for optimum service.
We are unable to clear snow under low-hanging tree limbs, so we require all of our customers to cut their tree branches that hang over their driveway before we will commit to their service.

Service Guidelines
Our Snow removal service is intended to clear the majority of the snow from your driveway by blowing it into your yard.
Our blowing service will not clear all of the snow from your driveway. Without the added services of shoveling and salting, the home owner will have to remove snow from in front of their garage and along the driveway’s edging in order to achieve a well sculpted clear.
Many factors contribute to the success of our tractor’s clearing capabilities, such as driveway shape, condition, slope, snow variety, timing of snow fall, and sun exposure.
Due to the numerous factors that are outside of our control, each driveway will look different after our blowing service has come through. Some will blow clear, while others will have a thin layer of snow along the entire surface.
Our drivers try to get within 2’ of your garage, but they will always approach with caution in order to minimize damage potential.
Certain driveway types are more difficult than others to clear. If you would like to discuss with our office the success of your driveway’s service then please call 651-246-5716.
We will not honor any requests for specific operators for your route or home.
Superior Landscape & Irrigation does not guarantee mailbox clearing. Our Shoveling Service may make an attempt on a case by case basis depending on the difficulty and timing of our service, and the degree of snow accumulated by natural snow fall and city clearing.

Timing & Routing
Superior Landscape & Irrigation makes no guarantees that snow will be removed by a certain time, or within a certain amount of time from the initial snow fall, or service trigger.
We offer no priority service. Our routes are designed for optimum service management.
If you must leave your home at a certain time, you may need to make additional snow removal arrangements. If you are able to leave the house, your car will have a minimal effect on our tractors snow removal success.

Plow Damage

Superior Landscape & Irrigation will not be held responsible for any damage to your driveway, including but not limited to rust marks, scratches, or scrapes.
Superior Landscape & Irrigation will not be held responsible for any damage to your garage door or structure.
Furthermore, Superior Landscape & Irrigation cannot be held responsible for damage to surrounding utilities or items, including but not limited to landscaping, lighting, irrigation items, public water utilities, planters, hoses, fencing, or lawn ornaments.

Customer Responsibilities
Our customers must monitor snowfall in order to prepare their driveway for service.
Unless our Salting Service is included, customers are responsible for their own salting in order to achieve a snow and ice free driveway.
Superior Landscape & Irrigation will do our best to clear a driveway, but if the driveway is too icy to be cleared safely, we may not clear a portion or the entirety of the driveway.
Customers must remove all obstructions before our services are performed. We cannot reschedule for any reason if there are items or reasons why were are not able to clear your driveway when your service is scheduled.
Our drivers will under no circumstances leave the vehicle to remove obstructions.
We will not be held liable should you endanger yourself by approaching one of our vehicles.

Service Cancellation
This is an at-will service that either the customer or Superior Landscape & Irrigation may cancel at any time.
If you would like to cancel service, contact our office. For cancellations prior to January 1st, we will prorate a refund for the rest of the season minus the current month. For example, if you call to cancel service on December 3rd, you will receive a refund for January, February, March, and April. Refunds will no longer be available as of January 1st.
In the unlikely event that Superior Landscape & Irrigation needs to discontinue service at your property, we will give you two weeks’ notice, and prorate a refund for the rest of the season.

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