Superior Holiday Lighting Questions

How much does Superior's service cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of the house, and the additional package options included with your order, such as: wreaths, tree lighting, path lighting, etc. The basic cost is calculated at $4.50 per running foot. We find that the average cost per homeowner is between $600 and $1000.

When will my lights be installed?

Superior installs your lighting between October and the end of November. We aim to have all systems ready for activation within a week of Thanksgiving Day. Our service technicians check the health of your lighting system at installation, as well as at the time of activation.

What kind of lights can I expect?

We use LED lights that have variable color options. Some of our customers prefer a neutral white lightscape, while some of our customers enjoy a wild display of dancing color. Regardless of your taste, we will have a program ready for you!

What happens if a bulb or line goes bad?

Ultimately our lighting program is a rental service, so if you lose a bulb or a line throughout the season, Superior will replace the item; as long as the issue occured due to product default, and not homeowner or external elements influence.

What area do you provide service?

We are currently providing service for the greater Twin Cities metro area.

When will you remove our holiday lighting?

You help us to schedule the best time for your home's removal! Our removal season is between January 15th, and March 1st.

What is Fascia Lighting?

Fascia is the same thing as your classic trim lighting, the same that almost ever decorated house sports during the holiday season.

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